To continue the sculpting of your core into a fine piece of art whilst enhancing your balance and stability(we don’t want you falling all over the place, now do we 😉 ), we’ve included another Core (Ab) Workout:

The strength trainer, the Ab Wheel Roll-out:

Demonstrated by Sandile Shabalala
Demonstrated by Sandile Shabalala
Image etracted from
Image etracted from


  • Starting Position: Kneel down on the floor with your knees bent maintaining an arm’s space between them and also place the hands on the ground with the Ab roller wheel placed in front of you
  • Now, hold either ends of the Ab roller wheel with your hands.
  • Push the roller in the forward direction and let your body be stretched in a straight line position.
  • Final Position: Stretch out your body as much as you can over the Ab roller wheel. But make sure the body does not touch the floor of the workout place. You got to be inhaling your breath when you roll out. Now, rollback but maintain the tightening of the abs and exhale when rolling back


  • Great focus on the abs and obliques
  • An additional focus includes the shoulders

From experience, this workout needs a great amount of focus – feel and listen to your body, maintain your posture and focus all the energy onto your abdominals to prevent using others areas i.e. your back during the exercise.

Once again, we’re not going to sit here and dictate a number of sets and reps, that’s all up to you! 🙂 Enjoy 😀


#CommitToCore #CommitToToning #WorkoutOfTheDay #Hardcore


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