The 14th and 15th of October witnessed The Humanitarians host, for the very first time, The Biokinetic Humanitarian Project (BHP) at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology ( Sport Management Department, Human Performance Laboratory) Highbury Road, Mowbray where Sport Management (NDSPMNT) students from various tiers gathered to experience the great initiative. Not only did the anxious NDSPMNT students from Mowbray partake in the event, it was great to discover that lecturer’s and staff from the Department of Sport Management were also involved in the project.

This is how the day (14th October) unfolded:

At first, participants had to fill out two forms, 1) a form consisting of your personal details and a general health and fitness questionnaire 2) a consent form

Two of Commit To Be Fit’s administrator’s waiting in line – Thandeka Khambule and Sandile Shabalala (both far right)

The project consisted of six stations however, the process all began in Station 2 where the Director and Founder of The Humanitarians as well as Department of Sport Management, Sport Physical and Recreational Studies (SPRS) lecturer, Mr Habib Noorbhai ran through a few basic health and fitness questions with the participants.

Pictured: Commit To Be Fit administrator, Lungile Sibeko (left) and Mr H. Noorbhai (right)


The second part of Station 2 featured another of the Dept. of NDSPMNT administrator’s, Ms. Thabisile Goba who took measurements of participant’s blood pressure and glucose levels

Pictured: Lungile Sibeko (left) and Ms T. Goba (right)
Pictured: Sandile Shabalala getting his glucose level tested

A very busy Station 2 pictured below…



Dept. of NDSPMNT, Public Relations lecturer, Mr Z. Ndlwana welcomed us to Station 3 where he took measurements of participant’s weight, height and flexibility.

Pictured: Sandile Shabalala getting his height measured by Mr Z. Ndlwana


Unfortunately Station 4 couldn’t be documented as it was deemed private however (a little insight on what happened) body fat was measured in Station 5 by another SPRS, Dept. of NDSPMNT lecturer, Ms. N. Augustyn, using the skin fold test (Skin fold analysis/test involves taking measurements of subcutaneous fat at different areas of the body using skinfold calipers (Cucher, n.d) ) 🙂

Image extracted from
Image extracted from


OUR favourite!! 😀 Station 5 introduced us to two exercises:

  1. Push-ups for 60 seconds
  2. Sit-ups for 60 seconds

It’s great to mention that members of the Commit To Be Fit family scored a good 30+ reps for both categories, after all, we do have to REPRESENT!!! 😉 😛 . This station was handled by Dept. of NDSPMNT staff member, Mr R. Gamieldien

Pictured: Sandile Shabalala doing his (brief fitness test) set of push-ups for 60 seconds
Pictured: Sandile Shabalala doing his (brief fitness test) set of push-ups for 60 seconds

The final station, Station 6 was a one-to-one engagement with Dr S. West (Dept. of NDSPMNT staff member) as she questioned the physical activity in the participant’s daily lives, outlining the importance of certain factors regarding exercising i.e. warming up, stretching, etc. then later giving us exercise and nutritional guidelines and suggesting types of exercises based on the participants goal regarding exercise, health and fitness.

The day ended off with the participants handing in feedback forms based on their experience and then receiving a petite souvenir, from the hosts – a notebook/notepad – to take home! 🙂

On behalf of the CPUT NDSPMNT students and Commit To Be Fit, we’d like to thank Mr Noorbhai together with The Humanitarians and the NDSPMNT staff team for the great, insightful experience! 🙂

For some interesting, spare-time activity, try out this interesting BHP quiz below 🙂


For more information on The Humanitarians and the project, visit:

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