When exercising the body naturally as a person you analyse which parts you want more focus to be based on. This then leads me to a topic which is rather quite interesting and many have their own views on it. Arm exercises are important if you are looking to have those nice cuts and that curved bicep. Essentially for both to occur you have to perform the right exercises and in turn execute them in the right way to avoid having improper muscles and one bicep looking bigger than the other.
This will lead to added strength in the arms that can be an advantage for people like cricketers, tennis players, boxer, sprinters, athletes who are involved in some filed events.

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(Exercise demonstrated by Lungile Sibeko)

Firstly we look at Bicep/Tricep curls which work both the bicep and tricep.
• You need to sit on the chair and lay you arms on the slanted bench thing.
• Grab hold of the cable and lift it in an up and down motion
• Then again it up to you and how much weight you want to lift but it is advisable to start off small especially for those who:
o Your first time at the gym or working out
o Recovering from injury in you arm or shoulder.
Specific focus on the muscles being worked.
• Less chance of injury than when using individual weights
• You can alter or change the resistance/ weight place on the arms


Exercise demonstrated by Anonymous

The next exercise you can do is called Tricep push-downs.


  • Get into a standing position with the legs slightly apart form each other.
  • Grab hold to the cable attached to the top of the machine.
  • Push the cable down as low as you can then push up again
  • Then again you can adjust the weight put on your arms
  • You must remember to not add too much weight on to your arms as to avoid injury
  • Lastly make sure you are only moving your arms and not you whole body for the added focus you want on your triceps.


  • This machine will help you acquire those cuts in the right areas of the arm.
  • This in turn works your shoulders.

From my experience when doing the exercise you need to be completely still with only your arms in motion. Obviously be absolutely forced. All I want you to know is that you should know what you want achieve so it’s all on you to hard heavy or how low you will go everybody is different.

Commitment is the only thing that will help you achieve your bicep or tricep goals


By Lungile Sibeko


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