The Cardiovascular system is a critical system of your body because it is the system that is accountable for the functioning of your heart, veins and the arteries.


Arteries: they carry the blood from the heart to the entire body.

Veins: they return the blood to the body.

Heart: its function is to pump blood throughout the whole body.

It is important to do cardio exercises before you start your workout because this enables for your body to be able to have the blood flowing swiftly and effectively, it can also be done as a cool down exercise to regulate your body temperature and prevent any stiffness in your muscles.

Types of cardio exercises:

Rowing: by you doing this exercise not only will it help you with your cardio, but it will assist you in your arms especially when you are doing your arms on that day.

Treadmill: this exercise helps in terms of your legs and your cardio and it tests your endurance levels as a person. It can also aid in your weight loss program.

Exercise demonstrated by Lungile Sibeko and Anza Ramatsia
Exercise demonstrated by Lungile Sibeko (left) and Anza Ramatsia (right)

Stationary Bike: this exercise is based on working on your endurance levels and at the same it is able to work on your lower body (calves, quads and hamstrings).

by: Sandile Shabalala


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